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Executive Director, Central Valley California HIDTA
Job Type Full-time
Job Status Sourcing
Date Posted 11/19/2019
Company Information Central Valley California HIDTA

Sacramento, CA
Website: http://
Job Description Executive Director, Central Valley California HIDTA, Sacramento, California

Position available: February 1, 2020

Position: Central Valley California (CVC) HIDTA is seeking qualified candidates for Executive Director of a federally funded, multi-agency, regional drug enforcement consortium. The CVC HIDTA serves as a coordinating and collaborating organization and supports efforts to identify, investigate, disrupt and dismantle drug trafficking and drug money laundering enterprises and related violence.
The Executive Director reports to the CVC HIDTA Executive Board, consisting of local, state and federal law enforcement agency executives. The Executive Director is charged with oversight of the Investigative Support Center (ISC) and providing executive and administrative support and oversight to HIDTA funded activities.

Functions of the HIDTA and the Executive Director:
• To serve as a centralized clearinghouse for all participating federal agencies’ proposed initiatives and state and local agency grant proposals
• To broker multi-agency participation, develop combined initiatives and corresponding budgets
• To provide effective and efficient response to requests and questions raised by participating agencies
• To serve as the conduit for directives, policy and related administrative information required of HIDTA participants by ONDCP and the Executive Board
• To facilitate the sharing of intelligence and information; facilitate the deconfliction of operations; and, to effectively work with partnerships to leverage resources to efficiently and effectively identify, investigate, disrupt and dismantle the most significant criminal drug problems and related violence impacting the region
Duties and Responsibilities of the Executive Director:
• Works for the CVC HIDTA Executive Board and provides programmatic oversight and management of the HIDTA Program within the HIDTA area
• Under the general direction and guidance of the Executive Board, forms a cohesive and mutually supportive team for coordination and management of the CVC HIDTA Program
• In concert with the approval of the Executive Board, develops and submits in the proper format on the required dates the major requirements of the HIDTA Program, which include: Threat Assessment, Strategy, Initiatives/Budgets, and the Annual Report
• Exercises programmatic, administrative, and fiscal oversight in support of all CVC
HIDTA initiatives to ensure they are in compliance with ONDCP HIDTA Program guidance, policy and other requirements. The Executive Director, as well as any other HIDTA-funded administrative personnel with the HIDTA, shall not have operational control or authority of any initiative other than the Management and Coordination Initiative to which they are assigned
• Serves as the point-of-contact between the Executive Board, CVC HIDTA, other HIDTAs and ONDCP/NHPO. The Executive Director keeps the Executive Board apprised of all ONDCP/NHPO programs and requirements
• Exercises reprogramming authority, as approved by the HIDTA Executive Board that is consistent with the HIDTA Program guidance and policy
• Establishes and maintains central inventory tracking system for equipment and property purchases with HIDTA funds
• Assists the HIDTA initiatives in establishing and recording effective measurable outcomes for the HIDTA and for the initiatives.
• Facilitates the enhanced coordination and the flow of information between and among other HIDTAs, relevant non-HIDTA agencies and activities including OCDETF and others that may apply. Promotes regional and national cooperation among law enforcement agencies
• Provides advice and counsel to the Executive Board concerning the status, direction and success of HIDTA initiatives, programs and ONDCP requirements
• Travels on official HIDTA business on behalf of the Executive Board or ONDCP/NHPO.
• Will perform additional duties/requirements identified by the Executive Board, which must be consistent with ONDCP HIDTA Program policies and procedures and deemed necessary to enhance the overall HIDTA Program
• Will ensure timely and effective communication with the Executive Board of all significant issues and decisions to be made affecting the operation and performance of the HIDTA

Other Requirements:
• The CVC HIDTA is funded by the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) and, therefore, all activities must conform to ONDCP guidelines, policy and applicable federal statutes
• This management position will be located in Sacramento, California and will serve as the liaison between the CVC HIDTA Executive Board, other HIDTA operations throughout the United States, the National HIDTA Director and ONDCP
• Interpersonal and negotiation skills
• Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing
• Budget and/or Accounting experience
• Ability to plan, organize and prepare extensive reports and documents
• Ability to effectively manage and motivate HIDTA personnel.
• Personal and professional integrity

• Equivalent of a federal GS-15 Step 1 plus 25 % of salary for fringe benefits; ($133,873 salary + $33,468 fringe = $167,341 total) liability insurance and mileage reimbursement for official travel and/or other negotiable benefits as identified and approved by the HIDTA Executive Board

• The position is federally funded, but the selected candidate will not be considered a “federal employee” for employment purposes. The Executive Director will report to the CVC HIDTA Executive Board and will serve at the will of the Board. The Executive Director will be required to comply with all requirements for employment established by the HIDTA Executive Board. This appointment is subject to the review and approval of the Director of the Office of National Drug
Control Policy. The contract for the Directors positon is with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office which is also the fiduciary for the CVC HIDTA Management and Coordination Initiative.
• Appointment as the Executive Director is subject to the successful completion of a National Security Clearance.
Qualifications • Knowledge of the HIDTA program and CVC HIDTA
• Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university
• Ten years or longer of continuous experience with a local, state or federal law enforcement agency with a minimum of five year’s significant management/leadership responsibility
• Investigative and/or prosecutorial experience in the area of drug related crime
• Familiarity with national and regional intelligence organizations, sources and procedures
• Basic computer skills
How to Apply Required materials may be sent electronically via email to:
Administrative Assistant
Attn: Shari White
swhite@sacsheriff.com Telephone (916) 876-5477
All application materials must be received no later than the close of business Monday, December 2, 2019. Each candidate shall submit a detailed resume, which includes the following information pertinent to this position
• Education, experience and training completed
• Positions held and dates of employment
• Identities and current contact information of immediate supervisors in past employment (previous 15 years minimum)
• Size of operation and number of employees
• Level and scope of responsibility
• Duties and responsibilities
• Accomplishments for which you are personally credited for each employment
• Program administrative experience
• Names and addresses of three references who are not prior supervisory personnel
Additional Information to Applicants:
• The selected applicant must successfully pass a thorough background investigation sufficient to receive a Top Secret security clearance
• Interview and relocation expenses are not reimbursable
Email Resume To swhite@sacsheriff.com
Contact Info Shari White
Contact Phone: 916-876-5477
Contact Email: swhite@sacsheriff.com

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