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CSSA Positions on Federal Legislation - 2003

11/21/03 Support – SCR 79 Resolution to Renegotiate the U. S. – Mexican Extradition Treaty (Request from Senator Dianne Feinstein for CSSA Support)

CSSA supports Senate Concurrent Resolution 79 to renegotiate the U. S. – Mexican extradition treaty.  CSSA believes it is important to send a strong signal to the Mexican government that the United States will no longer tolerate the repeated violations of the treaty.

10/30/03 Support with Request for Amendment - HR 1345 "The Equity Pay for Reservists Act of 2003" (Request from Congressman Tom Lantos for CSSA Support).  HR 1345 helps mitigate the financial loss when reservists are called up for duty by making up the difference between their law enforcement and military salaries.  CSSA's request for amendment asks that the legislation provide 100% reimbursement to local government from the start of the individual’s call-up, rather than the current proposed 50% for the first nine months.

07/15/03 No Position - Reauthorization of the Federal Assault Weapons Ban (Request from Senator Dianne Feinstein for CSSA Support).  This is pending legislation to reauthorize the federal assault weapons ban.  The issue was discussed at CSSA's June 5-6, 2003 executive board meeting; it was determined that CSSA would not take a position on the measure.

07/15/03 Support - SJ Resolution 1 (introduced by Senator Dianne Feinstein), “The Crime Victims’ Rights Amendment.”  This constitutional amendment would provide victims of crime some basic important rights:  to be informed, present and heard at significant stages of their case.

07/15/03 Support -  "The Criminal Gang Abatement Act of 2003” (introduced by Senator Dianne Feinstein).  This legislation would amend federal law to prohibit solicitation or recruitment of persons for criminal street gang activity, doubles penalties for the use of minors in crimes of violence and increases penalties for using minors to distribute drugs.  The bill would also establish a high intensity interstate gang activity area (HIIGAA) program similar to the anti-drug HIDTA program and provide $100 million per year for 6 years to those areas to target gang violence.

06/18/03 Support -  HR 834 "The Clean, Learn, Educate, Abolish, Neutralize and Undermine Production (CLEAN-UP) of Methamphetamines Act of 2003” (Congressman Doug Ose), a bipartisan, comprehensive approach to fight the production, distribution and use of methamphetamine.

06/18/03 Support -  HR 2435 State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP) (introduced by Congresswoman Linda Sanchez). This legislation will clarify reimbusement eligibility under SCAAP by providing that costs incurred for incarcerating criminal aliens charged with OR convicted of a crime are reimbursable.

05/19/03 Support – Continued Funding of the 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21st Century) after-school program.  CSSA urges continued funding of the21st Century program, which is currently funded at $1 billion, with California receiving close to $140 million annually.  This funding supports after-school programs for over one million elementary, middle and high school students across the nation, including 200,000 students in California.  The program is in danger of being cut by as much as 40 percent in FY 2004.  This cut would likely result in approximately 80,000 California children and teens (and 570,000 kids nationally) losing access to after-school programs.  The 21st Century program is a significant component California’s commitment to after-school programs because it is the only program in California that dedicates funding to high school after-school programs, which are not covered by the state’s Proposition 49 initiative.  It is therefore essential that the 21st Century program remain whole.

04/14/03 Support – Continued Funding for the National Guard Counterdrug Program.  CSSA is advised that it is the intent of the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) to eliminate several of the mission support categories currently provided by the National Guard, specifically, cannabis eradication, and maintenance and logistical support.

04/14/03 Support - Violence Against Children Act (introduced by Senators Boxer and Biden).  This legislation will provide a comprehensive approach to combating violent crimes against children, including stronger penalties, assistance for local law enforcement and help for children who are victims.  It will toughen federal criminal penalties for crimes against children and authorize $25 million for local law enforcement and prosecutors in prosecuting such crimes.  The legislation will also authorize $25 million to fund local programs to assist children who are victims of crime and require states to establish programs to protect children.

04/03/03 Support – Amendment to Pending Supplemental Appropriations Legislation (proposed by Senator Feinstein) that would provide $400 million in additional funds to assist in purchase of interoperable communications equipment.