Winter driving



As the wet winter weather continues, we offer the following driving tips:



1. If your windshield wipers are on, your headlights should be on. (It's the law)

2. Before you head out - make sure your vehicle has been serviced and is properly maintained.

3. Know your vehicle - every vehicle handles differently; this is particularly true when driving on wet, icy or snowy roads.

4. Stock your vehicle - carry blankets, food, water, and emergency supplies such as flares or emergency markers and a first aid kit.  

5. Plan your travel - check your route for road conditions and any traffic restrictions.


For more detailed tips -visit https://www.nhtsa.gov/winter-driving-tips




Project Report from MHSOAC

 TOGETHER WE CAN: Reducing Criminal Justice Involvement for People with Mental Illness

California’s Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission (MHSOAC) launched an eighteen month review of this issue and has just released the report, Together We Can: Reducing Criminal Justice Involvement for People with Mental Illness.


While not a comprehensive study of mental illness, it’s an actionable roadmap for change calling for California to make an immediate and strong commitment to address this complex issue. “One of the greatest policy failures of our time was dismantling our state mental health care institutions without having adequate community-based treatment in its place,” said MHSOAC Commissioner and Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown. “Our jails shouldn’t be used in place of treatment. We believe we should, and can, do better.”

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